The Brothers, Stephen, John and Anthony Morreale have been building and remodeling high quality structures in California, New York, and Connecticut for many years. In 2002, the brothers merged a wealth of experience and skill to form Dolce Construction Company, a company that would earn a remarkable reputation as a leading contracting company in Southern California. The name Dolce, was chosen in honor of there grandmother Freda Dolce. The Dolce and Morreale family has been in the construction industry for over 70 years, their Father, Samuel, Grandfathers Stephen and Joseph, and Great Grandfathers were all master carpenters and contractors. The brothers combined their strengths and wealth of knowledge passed on through generations to create an unbeatable force in construction. They promised at the time they decided to launch Dolce Construction Co. in California that they would always operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship as a family tradition.


  •  New Home Construction & Renovations
  •  Commercial Construction & Tenant Improvements
  •  Industrial & Steel Construction
  •  Room Additions, Kitchen & Bathroom Specialist
  •  Hardscape & Landscape
  •  Swimming Pools & Spas
  •  Fire & Water Damage Insurance Claim Experts 


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